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What makes us different?
  • Each of our partners has worked for more than 15 years in senior positions at "Big 4" firms - we are seasoned professional advisers with all the necessary qualifications to deliver expertise where it can impact on your business.
  • Collectively, our partners have delivered 300+ investigative or litigation type assignments, operating on the Polish and international markets, for corporations, large and medium enterprises across a wide range of industry sectors, as well as for legal advisors. This level of expertise is unrivaled on the Polish market. The projects delivered relate to commercial fraud, financial misrepresentation, asset misappropriation, computer crime and corruption by top executives, acting in the capacity of an expert in commercial and shareholder disputes as well as in Polish and international arbitration.
  • We have given dozens of presentations, workshops and trainings on detection and prevention of economic crime, including special training designed for law enforcement agencies.
  • We support legal counsels by providing tailored services related to fraud investigations, e-Discovery as well as preparation of expert witness reports in litigation or arbitration proceedings.
  • When you seek support from us you can be assured that you are working with seasoned, professional and experienced advisors rather than with new graduates with limited practical experience.
  • We are truly independent, and unlike many of the large consulting and auditing firms, conflict of interest practically does not exist.
  • As our business is owner managed we are able to react faster than many of the larger advisory firms, offering the same level of quality and professionalism but at more competitive fees and rates.
  • Our collective experience in our areas of expertise is unrivalled on the Polish market. Even the large advisory firms cannot offer the same level of local expertise as you will find at Questa.
  • As our partners have operated on the Polish market for many years, we can draw on expertise from many other advisors in different areas of expertise, offering the same quality services as Questa.
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