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Rick Helsby  

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Rick specialises in the following core areas:

  • Forensic Services


Rick specialises in the following core areas:

  • Forensic Services

Key experience

  • Rick has 30 years of experience in advisory services, specialising in corporate and tax fraud.
  • He was a Partner in PwC for 20 years. In 1992 he became the head of the PwC UK Forensic Services practice of ten partners and 150 staff.
  • In 2000 Rick was appointed leader of PwC's Forensic Investigations practice across Europe, the Middle East and Africa. In this role Rick handled the major strategic and operational decisions affecting a wide variety of fraud investigation, detection and prevention assignments across EMEA as well as taking a direct role in many cases.
  • In 2001 he moved from London to Warsaw and then in 2004 to Moscow to also lead the development of PwC's Forensic business across CEE and CIS.
  • Between 2002 and 2006 he was the Global Leader of PwC Investigations and Forensic Services practice, leading numerous investigation and dispute projects.
  • Prior to joining PwC, Rick was a Senior Inspector of Taxes and the Group Leader of the London Enquiry Branch of the Inland Revenue. [Enquiry Branch was the Head Office unit of the Inland Revenue responsible for investigation of serious suspected tax fraud and which, in the most serious cases, prosecutes alleged tax evaders.]

Selected projects

  • Criminal tax fraud investigation into a UK car distributor, which resulted in a £60 million settlement of tax claim in excess of £200 million. This involved discussions and negotiations in Switzerland as well as the UK.
  • Investigation on behalf of the Albanian Government (funded by the World Bank) into the collapse of pyramid banking schemes involving losses of $1 billion. This involved high level discussions with the Albanian Government, World Bank officials and others, leading to a full report on the matters of concern.
  • Expert witness report and evidence on behalf of a Russian metals conglomerate in International Arbitration proceedings involving claims against it by a Scandinavian multinational exceeding $150 million.
  • Assistance to the financial regulator of a West African country in regard to its investigation of an alleged multi-million dollar fraud involving a multinational telecoms operator.
  • At the behest of the Volcker Commission, leading a multinational team reviewing dormant accounts at various Swiss banks once held by the victims of Nazi persecution, resulting in a settlement of $1.25 billion.
  • Investigation into the alleged misappropriation of $200 million from an international airline company. This work necessitated investigations in Switzerland and Russia and discussions with Swiss and Russian prosecutors.
  • Fraud investigation at an East Africa based subsidiary of US based multi-national manufacturing and distribution company.
  • Forensic review into the State Television Company. The report was delivered to the governing body of Czech TV and to the Czech parliament and, through its publication on the Internet, attracted considerable media attention.
  • Investigation of irregular revenue recognition practices at a subsidiary of a US multinational computer hardware housing business. This resulted in the suspension and dismissal of three senior executives in the Swedish operation.
  • Fraud investigation at a foreign owned Polish bank in relation to suspect loans of ca. $50 million. The project demonstrated that previous management had developed a personal kick-back system for loans granted to customers.
  • Investigation into allegations of corruption and other improper business conduct at a Russian subsidiary of US multinational systems installation business.
  • An investigation of a company in southern Poland at the urgent request of its German parent to determine whether misrepresentations have been made by the Polish subsidiary in reporting to its parent that allegedly rendered the German company insolvent.
  • Corporate fraud investigation at a large Polish conglomerate. Newly elected Management Board commissioned an investigation into the business activities of the former Management Board with the intention of identifying whether claims could be considered against the former Management Board members for, inter alia, negligence or misconduct. This investigation covered major transactions entered into by the company during the period of the former Management Board and the work performed by external advisors engaged to assist with the development and implementation of the Corporate Strategy.



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