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Magda Wagner  

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Magda specialises in the following core areas:

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  • Business Intelligence
  • Forensic Services


Key Experience  

  • Magda has 10 years of experience in investigations, managing more than 200 cases for corporate clients, private equity firms, legal advisors and consulting firms, across a wide range of sectors and jurisdictions.
  • Magda is a recognised expert in conducting complex multi-jurisdiction investigations, due diligence, asset tracing and forensic assignments in the CEE regions, particularly in Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Many of these assignments also require a very strong understanding of political and economic environment in the region.
  • The combination of a business intelligence background as well as forensic investigations experience gives Magda a strong advantage when conducting asset tracing assignments, which involve the untangling of complex networks of companies/ individuals and identifying hidden assets within these networks.
  • Magda has extensive experience with integrity due diligence across many jurisdictions in industries such as financial services, pharmaceutical, technology, automotive, FMCG, telecommunications and real estate.
  • Magda completed post-graduate studies in forensic accounting at the Warsaw School of Economics in 2018. She is also an accomplished linguist (speaks fluent Polish, English, Czech and German), with a diploma in Political Science and Diplomacy and a strong penchant for politically-related cases in the CEE region.

Selected projects

  • An asset tracing assignment commissioned by an investment fund regarding a Polish high-net individual linked to a group of companies active in the real estate industry, spread across five European jurisdictions. The objective of the project was to identify assets linked to the individual that were found to be dispersed within a complex network of companies, in order to retrieve assets invested by the fund. The client was provided with a comprehensive report that gave them a strong negotiating position in further dealings with the subject.
  • A complex investigation in the Czech Republic that involved multiple investigative techniques, including forensic review, open source analysis, detective work and surveillance. The task was commissioned by a US based company who suspected a fraud in its Czech subsidiary. As a result of the investigation, a large-scale fraud scheme organised by the CEO of the Czech branch was established and evidence was provided that enabled the client to take legal steps.
  • Enhanced integrity due diligence project regarding a Polish businessman who built an internationally recognised brand in the FMCG sector. It was commissioned by a potential foreign investor. The project involved open source investigation combined with targeted human source interviews. The main aim was to understand the track record of the businessman, his reputation as well as integrity. As a result of the work done it was established that the target had been involved in a large scale fraud case prior to setting up the company that was of the client’s interest.
  • A political risk assessment case commissioned by an international media group interested to make an acquisition in Poland. The project comprised open source investigation and a series of interviews with sources close to the sector as well as decision makers in Poland. The aim of the process was for the client to understand the political climate around media sector in Poland at that time and mitigate any affiliated risks where possible.
  • A forensic review in the Romanian portfolio company of a Polish investor. The review involved electronic data capture, processing and analysis. As a result, links between the head of purchasing department of the Romanian company and the key company suppliers were established, which enabled the client to take necessary steps as well as introduce procedures and solutions to address such risks in the future.
  • A compliance review for a Swiss bank regarding a group of their clients residing in the CEE region. The aim of the investigation was to map for the client the assets and commercial influences of the targets and evaluate their credibility and integrity, based on publicly available sources.


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