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Business IntelligencBusiness Intelligence is important for both risk management and in the detection of fraud. Importantly, it covers two issues not usually addressed during financial or legal due diligence, i.e. the reputation and integrity of the entities and the individuals of interest.

We collate and analyse data accessible in the public domain from a wide spectrum of sources and build up informative profiles on the reputations of entities and individuals including business relations as well as assets and liabilities.

Identified information includes:

  • Legal and financial information concerning companies, capital groups and individuals.
  • Personal / capital relations, e.g. with the company's employees.
  • Financial credibility.
  • Asset ownership.
  • Relationship with PEP's (Politically Exposed Persons).
  • References in local and international media.

Our reports include mapping complex relationships in a graphical form. If needed, our reports may be prepared in line with the requirements of your internal compliance system and / or international laws (e.g. FCPA / UK Bribery Act, etc.).

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