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Forensic InvestigationsIn a business environment where corporates face unprecedented scrutiny, integrity and governance have never been more important.

Financial, accounting, fraud and corruption investigations, business disputes and regulatory investigations have become increasingly complicated, often impacting business operations locally and internationally.

Corporations and their legal advisors need a dedicated and specialised team of financial, accounting and IT professionals at their side to confront these challenges. We have assisted business owners, audit committees, boards of directors, management of private and public companies and their legal advisers.

We support our clients in the following areas:

  • Investigative reviews (audits) in cases of suspected fraud, such as bribery, embezzlement, misappropriation of assets, procurement fraud etc.
  • Compliance reviews with relevant regulations (e.g. anti-corruption legislation such as FCPA – Foreign Corrupt Practises Act or UK Bribery Act).
  • Financial data analyses aimed at misreporting of financial results (e.g. manipulation prior to an acquisition to overstate the value of the company).
  • Analysis of transactions on financial markets in relation to allegations of the use of confidential information, manipulation of financial instruments or money laundering.
  • Investigations into bankruptcy and insolvency.
  • Assessment of corruption risks in M&A processes in accordance with the requirements of international law (FCPA / UK Bribery Act due diligence).

Our methodology allows us to use our findings and conclusions in court proceedings (common or arbitration courts) and it is common practice for us to act as witnesses in labour court proceedings or criminal proceedings.

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