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Postępowania sądoweIn most business disputes expert witnesses are appointed by the court or by either party to support a judge in making his/ her decision or presenting arguments of the parties in a professional manner.

It is these opinions, which make judge give verdict or decide about the reasons of the parties and/ or about disputed amounts.

Appropriate preparation of loss estimate, difficult to be challenged on merits and presenting arguments clearly and in a way understandable to a judge are the factors that can make you win the case.

Similarly, undermining of logical, methodological and merit-based correctness of your opponent’s arguments or expert’s opinion or the expert’s professionalism allows you to gain advantage in the case, to reduce disputed amounts or even win a case.

Business dispute not only is a duel of lawyers, but also of experts of both parties.

We support our clients in the following areas:

  • Preparation of private expert opinions in the field of finance, accounting, economic crime, bankruptcy and the acquisition and analysis of electronic data;
  • Preparation of critique reports of the other experts’ opinions in the above mentioned areas;
  • Planning and implementation (in co-operation with lead legal counsel) of the legal strategy in the above mentioned areas;

We are truly independent, and unlike many of the large consulting and auditing firms, conflict of interest practically does not exist with us


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