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nota prawnaIn the times of widespread digitalisation of data, a shift from paper to electronic documentation not only is a natural step forward improving operations of law firms and providing them with a competitive advantage, but simply becomes a necessity considering that the competitors has taken similar steps.

Although simple scanning of case files allows to avoid carrying heavy binders with paper files, but usually doesn’t allow for text searching of categorising (tagging) of documents. In such situation finding specific documents in a big case may be time-consuming and time is usually a scarce resource.

Independently from digitalisation of paper documents, nowadays more and more evidence is provided in electronic form, eg. email correspondence, document files, etc. Does your law firm already have IT tools allowing to efficiently gather, categorise and search such evidence?

You’d better hurry up, because your opponent may have already developed similar solution.

We support our clients in the following areas:

  • Digitalisation of paper files (scanning, characters recognition - OCR)
  • Configuration of IT platform for managing and review of evidence, including advanced search using different criteria;
  • Providing secure remote access to electronic data for multiple reviewers from any location in the world;
  • Ongoing assistance and technical support in using remote review platform.


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