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Interim ManagementThere are a number of different business situations that could result in the need for an interim manager. Typically, these could be situations such as crisis management, business turnaround, sudden departure of a key member of management, illness, death, change management, sabbaticals, MBOs and IPOs, and project management.

In our vast experience working with 100's of companies, we have encountered numerous situations where a change in personnel has impacted significantly on the financial, operational and morale aspects of the business.

Our partners and staff have vast professional experience and business expertise to support your company during periods of transition, crisis or change within your organization. The ethos of our firm is to "do the right thing" – you can be assured that we will apply the highest level of professional standards, as our future work and reputation as interim managers relies upon your referral and recommendation and our successful track record.

We support our clients by bringing the following attributes:

  • High-impact. We are practiced at making significant difference quickly, assessing and working with the company's culture and often with little in the way of a formal 'brief', but focus quickly on the work in hand.
  • Independent. We remain outside of company politics and so are able to address issues from a position of neutrality to achieve the right result for the company. This can be particularly useful when difficult and unpopular decisions have to be taken. We act as trusted advisors who tell it as it is, no frills.
  • Professional. The training and professionalism of our interim management team is reflected by the fact that all our interim managers are qualified accountants with many years of experience at senior levels of a "Big 4" firm. This formal training and experience means that you can be assured that you will get a "personalised Big4"experience at a fraction of the rates. In addition to being accountants, all our interim managers are trained to deal with crisis situations and are able to react quickly to mitigate risk within your organization.
  • Senior. Due to our many years of working with both Management Boards and Non-Executive Boards, our interim managers have gravitas and credibility. We are used to interacting at senior levels of organizations, leading businesses, functions, and departments.
  • Transformational. As crisis management experts, our interim managers are focused on change, transition, business improvement, crisis management and turnaround. Knowledge transfer by experienced interim managers is critical in situations where gaps in expertise are identified. Having worked with 100's of advisors, consultants and company employees over many years, all our interim managers are experienced in working with teams, addressing their needs and transferring knowledge.
  • Time focused. Our interim managers are available at short notice and can be in place in a matter of days. Once engaged, they will focus on providing significant value within the agreed fixed-term time parameters, seeing the assignment through and for not longer than needed, to a conclusion. This may be critical to the stability of your business, particularly with regard to loss of senior management whose replacements in many cases can take weeks/ months to hire.
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