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Litigation Support

Litigation Support involves providing valuable intelligence to facilitate legal proceedings. This service includes identifying and collecting relevant information, documents, and testimonies, as well as conducting an in-depth analysis of the gathered data to strengthen a case.

Questa has a distinguished track record in supporting clients at various stages of litigation and arbitration proceedings and we are well aware of the fact that even one piece of evidence can change the course of a dispute.

Working mainly for legal teams, we have the experience to support the legal strategies adopted by law firms and employ a range of investigative resources, to bring facts to light and uncover information that will strengthen the case for our clients.

At Questa we have a diversified team with expert credentials in open source investigations, on-the-ground investigations, forensics, accounting and technology which allows us to select the right approach for a given case. If required we also offer expert witness testimony, as part of legal proceedings.

We provide support before, during and after the start of legal proceedings.

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