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Informatyka śledczaIn today's digital age, an increasing number of files are stored on computer hard drives, networks or in the ‘cloud’, and the vast majority of communication is sent through electronic media. With more and more documents being created digitally, and never reaching paper form, the use of computer forensic technology presents an opportunity to identify, capture and preserve evidence for potential court proceedings in an extremely cost effective and efficient way.

The processes used to gather, preserve, analyse and present electronic evidence in fraud cases, can make or break your case. The forensic acquisition and analysis of electronic data has become a fundamental process in virtually all corporate enquiries/ investigations.

We use cutting-edge tools and technology and in all cases adhere to global standards for data capture and preservation.

We support our clients in the following areas:

  • Data capture from computer storage devices (computer hard discs, external hard discs, pen drives, etc.) by making of digital images of the devices, which subsequently allows for the recovery and effective analysis of deleted data at the same time ensuring the integrity of the secured data.
  • Data capture from mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.) by making a physical (if possible) or logical copy of the device memory, for analysis of typical phone data (contacts, SMS/ MMS’s) and also data from mobile applications (depending on the model of a device and its operating system);
  • Gathering of data from the client servers or the ‘cloud’ (e.g. email correspondence, virtual discs, etc.)
  • Extraction from secured devices of selected electronic data for further detailed review (eDiscovery), e.g.
    • By data category – e.g. email correspondence or SMS’s;
    • By physical location on a disc – e.g. data saved by a specific user,
    • By other features – e.g. deleted data.

In our forensic lab we use computer forensics and eDiscovery tools from globally recognized manufacturers, including Guidance Software, Tableau, Cellebrite, MSAB, MobilEdit, BlackBag Technologies and others. EnCase Forensic by Guidance Software is the most well-known and respected computer forensics software in the world and is used by corporates, legal firms, law enforcement, army and intelligence.


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