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Computer Forensics

The volume of electronic data stored on electronic devices is dramatically increasing in line with developments in technology and it has become a real challenge to identify selective files/ messages critical for an investigation, amongst hundreds of thousands of files/ objects stored on a typical hard disc or a mobile device.

The eDiscovery process refers to identification, processing and production of electronic evidence for the purpose of proceedings such as litigation, government investigations or internal investigations.

In order to obtain relevant electronic evidence, it is critical to use effective IT tools which allow experts to manoeuvre the maze of electronic data. Our many years of forensic experience and in-depth knowledge of eDiscovery tools enables us to better identify relevant electronic evidence in a much more efficient and effective way than a client, who does not do this kind of work on a day-to-day basis.

An effective eDiscovery process extends far beyond simply copying of a hard disc content, selection of a dozen keywords and review of the hit results. In our work we use a specialised eDiscovery tools from globally recognized developers, allowing us to review electronic data, including indexing of text, recovery of text from pictures and scans (OCR) and de-duplication of data allowing for easy identification and omission of the same files/ messages occurring in the database multiple times.

We support our clients in the following areas:

  • Identification of relevant electronic evidence by effective analysis of selected electronic data based on instructions obtained from a client or counsel;
  • Remote eDiscovery – Preparation of electronic data for remote review by our client's own resources (access via Internet or a local network).
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